Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sneak peek at Google Developer Day

Ed Burnette of ZDNet interviewed our own Bret Taylor, Group Product Manager for all of Google's developer products, on what people can expect from Google Developer Day.

The interview discusses a variety of points, such as:

What's on the agenda?
There are two high level categories we'll be focusing on: integration and reach.

Integration is how Google is exposing its infrastructure and scalable services. For example the Google Maps API and Google Data APIs. These are XML web services that let you use Google servers as a backend to your applications.

Reach means ways to empower developers to reach Google users. We have a whole lot of servers and lots of traffic. Developers want better ways to access that traffic. For example through the Google Gadgets API they can incorporate their products into the iGoogle personalized home page.
You can also hear Bret's opinions on:
  • How we are making our APIs work together
  • Versioning issues with APIs
  • Why we give these APIs away for free
  • Thoughts on new RIA technology
  • How we are involved in standards bodies
  • What we are hoping to get out of Google Developer Day
  • And much more
This is just a taster. We are excited to go into more detail with the community in just over a week at the Google Developer Day event.We really hope that you have registered and will be joining us in one of the 10 locations around the world. If not, you can still participate via our live webcasts from San Jose and our Google Developer Day irc channel. We'll also have a YouTube channel with videos of Developer Day sessions from around the world.

Stay tuned!

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Hung said...

I wasn't able to attend the developer day, but I would like to see some of the presentations. The youtube videos that are currently up are really low bitrate. The text on the slides is pretty much unreadable. Will there be an alternate method of viewing the presentations other than youtube?