Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Google Maps at the Google Developer Day

You may have noticed that we had some great announcements at Where 2.0 today.

The major news was:
  • Street View: Now when you see a special blue street, you will be able to click on it to put a virtual representation of yourself on the map. Then you can look around and see what you would see if you were there. This is not only incredibly cool, but it is practical. Now, when I have to visit a new building, I can take a look at it, and even see if there is parking near by. It is great to have a visual cue for when you get there. Check it out in action

  • Mapplets: Now, with Mapplets, you are able to combine mashups on one Map view, search for them, add them like you add gadgets on iGoogle, etc. As Thai Tran, the product manager, put it: "One day we were looking at two of the original Google Maps mashups, HousingMaps.com and ChicagoCrime.org, and we realized it would be even more useful if they could be combined because most people wouldn't want to live near high crime areas."
We have a sneak preview on some of the items that you will hear about from the Geo team thanks to an interview with Pamela Fox on the Google Developer Podcast.

Now you should be armed with Geo information before the event even starts! We look forward to hearing from the entire community!

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